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Advice on commercial projects.

Constitution of Companies

If you plan to start a business in Switzerland, we are the ones to help you in the legal basis, in order to achieve a development that goes from the beginning to the deal with customers.
In the same way, our team of experts in the field is specialized so that your company presents a fair and legal deal with the authorities of the country, considering the obligations that you and your company have with the State, without overlooking the administrative area.

Update of state requirements

Depending on the case of your company’s the legal form, sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation; you will always be obliged to fulfill responsibilities with the Swiss state, as well as with your employees and your own person.
Contact us if you need help for complete analyzes that clarify the requirements, operating profits and demands that your company has with the economy and the government, so that it can develop correctly.

Business Management and Administration

Whether you are the sole owner of your company or have formed a partnership for management, it is important to remember that starting a business and managing it are different things.
If you decide to contact us, we offer a service of experts that can manage your company (in foundation or already active) or they can teach you handle it in your own way.

The SENTENCE SWISS LAW expertise in Swiss business law jurisprudence makes us committed candidates for legal advice and administration of commercial entities and individuals. For this area, we propose the following:

  • Constitution of Swiss companies
  • Constitution of foreign companies
  • Joint ventures and consortiums organization
  • Installation of branch offices in the Dominican Republic
  • Annual, ordinary and extraordinary assemblies
  • Minutes of boards of directors and corporate powers
  • Good corporate governance
  • Duties and responsibilities of management
  • Acquisition of business
  • Mergers and splits
  • Tax advice
  • Corporate audits (due diligence)
  • Advice in cases of insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Commercial contracts (distribution contracts, franchise agreements, etc.)
  • Public and private securities offer
  • Liquidation and dissolution of companies

Our 10 years of experience with Swiss jurisprudence in the branches of law as they are; CRIMINAL LAW, MIGRATORY, LABOR, LABOR AND WIDOW PENSION, FAMILY LAW, BUSINESS, TENANT LAW, FAMILY AND BUSINESS MEDIATION, guarantees our clients, Professionalism, accuracy and above all the assurance that we give them a high quality service .