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Representation and Legal Assistance.

File and Case Analysis

If you present or have presented doubts about the facts of your case, regardless of having a criminal agreement, we provide a thorough analysis of the case file, in order to clarify the empirical facts in a precise manner.
In this way, you will be sufficiently informed and will have much clearer the range of possibilities regarding your case, for which, we can help you make a decision before it is too late.

Legal Assistance on Criminal Law

In general, criminal cases are taken to the last extremes and all available resources are exhausted, leaving long-term cases. As a fundamental part of the process, the support of the lawyer you hire is necessary.
Thanks to our years of experience, we offer complete assistance and supervision in all phases of the case, prioritizing optimal communication, with the purpose of legally enforcing your rights, for which we will represent you during the process of critical analysis of the test in favor or against your person.

Visits in Prison

From time to time, there is the possibility that a person (possibly a foreigner) may be imprisoned in Switzerland, as a general situation that the inmate has no relatives in the country, and the communication or meeting between both parties is unknown.
For this reason, we offer localization services and contact with the prisoner in the prison where he is held, to facilitate access to visits by his close relatives.

Our team of lawyers is ready to assist you quickly and effectively, guaranteeing a professional treatment attached to the legal processes of the locality, both in criminal defense and protection of intellectual rights and copyright.