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Advice and mediation between company and employee.

Advice on Work Contracts

Regardless of the case you are in, being ready for a legal solution requires prior knowledge of the laws to be used as a formal resource, or at least, of the duties and rights of the citizen in Switzerland.
Therefore, referring to our 30 years of experience with Swiss jurisprudence in the field of labor law, we advise you to first meet with us to discuss and analyze the possibilities of solving issues related to work contracts with companies.

Mediation between the company and the employee

Whether it is due to a work discomfort, injustice or personal reasons of the superiors, if you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation with your employer, we offer an extrajudicial mediation with the company to reach an agreement that benefits both parties and avoid a contract cancellation.
If the situation is caused by reasons unrelated to work performance, you need help and legal assistance to find a solution that does not happen to major or end in your dismissal.

Intervention due to Unfair Termination

Above all, SENTENCE SWISS LAW offers a specialized mediation service for conflicts that may arise between worker and employer, which could be, in such a case, a dismissal without apparent or unjustified cause.
The security provided by Swiss legal jurisprudence also covers the labor field with precision and clarity. If you have a certainty or suspect that your dismissal has been unjustified (or is imminent), make an appointment with us and we will explain what are your duties and rights in relation to the company you working to.

Among the considerations that may arise from a dismissal without apparent cause, are the negative consequences that impact on people suffering from special medical conditions, as well as women in a state of pregnancy. Here, other factors that should be treated by legal means would come into the subject, for which we serve.

We take care of demanding the rights of our clients and we help them to also demand them, in the face of practices that are illegal in Swiss territory, such as:

  • Unfair or violent treatment of the worker
  • Layoffs without apparent cause
  • Labor harassment (Mobbing)