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Migrant Assistance.

Legal advice

Regardless of the case you are in, being ready for a legal solution requires prior knowledge of the laws to be used as a formal resource, or at least, of the duties and rights of the citizen in Switzerland.
For this reason, we advise you, first of all, to hold a meeting with our team to discuss, analyze and segment options from a critical perspective, taking into account the possibilities and influencing factors in your case, in order to clarify matters as much as possible through assistance.

Family Regrouping

We are committed to accompanying and representing you throughout the process of family reunification. By contacting us, we can study in depth the legal possibilities of your case, help you manage accurately and give you full knowledge of the new immigration laws.

Appeal Resources

If you have already started to deal with your case, either in self-representation or with another lawyer, and you have been forced to appeal to the courts, our experts will know how to reorient you correctly to resolve the agreement.
In addition, we recommend you to act quickly, since the appeal periods are very short, a safe and immediate procedure is always necessary to avoid losing the case permanently.

We help our clients with local immigration issues so that they can live and work in Switzerland, temporarily or permanently, depending on the case.

We offer specialized service in:

  • Residence visa
  • Business visa
  • Work permit
  • Temporary residence
  • Permanent residence
  • Special residence for investors
  • Special residence for retirees
  • Residence renewal
  • Rent-seeking residence permits
  • Change of residence category
  • Naturalization applications (citizenship)
  • Family reunification
  • Procedures in conflict with land and air borders