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Acquisition of your pension fund.

Advice on your Work or Elderly Pension

By trusting in our legal advice on labor and pension matters, you will know the entire procedure and criteria used by the State to grant this insurance.
Also, whether it is the pension for occupational risks or elderly retirement, you will know the rules to follow to demand your right to social insurance and guarantee the benefits of the funds that come from the Pension Fund.

Labor Pension

In Switzerland, the pension that is granted for occupational risks (unemployment, accident, illness…) as an additional resource is extracted from the worker’s salary, forming 2.5% of it.
What would be this savings fund is accessible to the employee at the time he wants, since the laws regulate these discounts (mandatory), being viable through a series of processes.
For this reason, we have a team of lawyers specialized in labor and pension matters, to guide the client through the aforementioned processes if their intention is to acquire pension funds.

Retirement Pension

Request a meeting with our team of lawyers if you wish to evaluate your particular case of compensation for close relatives. The first line relatives (any order) are entitled to a widow’s pension, because of retirement, if it is a desire of both the relative and you.
We offer a professional service, safe and guided by all regulations of the pension law, as well as legal knowledge to deal with cases that may arise in the future.

We support and advise you in the acquisition of your pension fund.

Our 10 years of experience with Swiss jurisprudence in the branches of law as they are; CRIMINAL LAW, MIGRATORY, LABOR, LABOR AND WIDOW PENSION, FAMILY LAW, BUSINESS, TENANT LAW, FAMILY AND BUSINESS MEDIATION, guarantees our clients, Professionalism, accuracy and above all the assurance that we give them a high quality service .